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Este é sem dúvida um mundo ruidoso


Este é sem dúvida um mundo ruidoso

The bored carrot

Pântano, 22.09.22

(Em inglês desta vez, só porque acho que escrever é uma boa forma de aprender a língua)

After many attempts the bored carrot found a way to uproot herself out from that precarious land.

She started walking with only the thoughts in her mind that slowly dissipated with each step.

The bored carrot doesn`t know how long she has been walking but she noticed that the moon is in a different shape as well as the landscape.

She was strong enough to walk without stopping ultil she happened to come across an airy land with a river running through it.

She felt comfort for the first time in a long time and in that moment she had no doubts and sat up. 


The end